Firing technology

e.g. complete burner systems e.g. burners, dust tubes, core air tubes, lances, nozzles, swirl adjustment

Waste recycling

e.g. various castings, air- and water-cooled grate rods, wear plates, add-on and steel components, connectors, burner nozzles, doors, flaps, gaskets and sealing materials, bearing sets and swivel joints

Mill system

e.g. spare parts for coal mills (such as nozzle ring, grinding tools, pendulum adjustment, grinding track elevation, tangential plates, classifier spare parts, roller bearings), overhaul of grinding roller, gearbox spare parts, base bottom gaskets, shafts and beaters.

Boiler parts

e.g. piping, blowers, pumps, valves, fittings

Air pollution control

e.g. spray frames covered/spray electrodes, rapping anvils, collecting electrodes, bearing plates, bearing half-shells, support insulators, rotary insulators, rapping shafts NE/SE, special gaskets, regulation and control technology


e.g. all connecting materials, conveyor and transport belts, machine and drive technology, such as motors, gears, bearings, chains, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, gaskets and sealing materials, pipelines and hose lines, valves and fittings

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